[OpenWalnut-Dev] Permanent tickets

Alexander Wiebel wiebel_openwalnut at dergrosse.de
Sat Sep 10 15:32:18 CEST 2011


I would like to see more commits that adhere to our commit guidelines

> [XXX #1234] Short summary ...
>  * description details...
>  * ...

Therefore I propose to create some permanent tickets like:
 * "Improve documentation"
 * "Improve style"
 * ... and similar

The idea is that these tickets would never be closed and will always be
available to attribute general style or documentation work to them. This
can encourage the work on such topics and at the same time make it
easier to associate commits with tickets. Finally, the fact that more
commits would be associated with tickets will make the commits that are
not related to tickets stick out more clearly in the logs. This in turn
might again increase the use of tickets and ticket associated commits.

I would like to organize these "permanent tickets" in a separate milestone.

Comments? Ideas? Do you like it?

Cheers Alex

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