[OpenWalnut-Dev] Permanent tickets

Mathias Goldau math at informatik.uni-leipzig.de
Mon Sep 12 09:54:38 CEST 2011

Am I right when you say you want to assign work better to tickets with those
"permanent tickets" (pt)? I think it wouldn't work, since people then would
assign their work to those tickets and don't create own tickets instead! So I
think there is no easy solution to that, maybe we can check at commit, and the
user has to use a "--force" to commit without a well formed commit message?
This would let the user think twice: "Is there really no ticket?" but when it
comes more or less (I know) unfeasible he could override with "--force".

Problem with commit checking, how do we handle a batch commit consisting out
of more commits? Ala:
ci 5403: [ADD] $Bad_commit_message
ci 5404: [MERGE]
ci 5405: [STYLE #678] $Good_commit_message

Yes either complicated history editing, which I don't favor or "--force" in
this "unfeasible" case.

So in the end I guess it would not change..

BTW: I write this as I would always follow our rule, hehe.. I don't do it
since I am lazy. I think a "--force" would work against my laziness.


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